Domain Reg Tool

DNS Management

Classic Domain Name System (DNS) is to be managed every time there is an Online activity happening. This DNS is responsible for the resolving of the domain name and then facilitating fast traffic on the internet.

TMCH Renewal
Application Fee

This is Domain Application Fee as per the domain extension.

nGTLD Sunrise Cost
Domain Name Consultation Service

We will help you build your brand. Our team of professionals will help in domain name acquisition with respect to the brand name that the business has. We will have a quick acquisition and a quick ownership transfer for you. We take 12% of the domain name acquisition price as fee.
Other Terms and conditions, please speak to your Domain Name Consultant.

Domain Name Acquisition Fee

This is the Fee for the Domain Name Acquisition Service.

Written Assessment of Domain Name

This will do a assessment of the domain name and its history & the information available in the public domain, information collected during the process of acquisition. This will be collated and sent to the client.

Initial Negotiation Fee

During the process of domain name acquisition, there is a negotiation that takes place between parties. This fee will be for the management of the negotiation.